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Find out more about the what makes our energy base different than other energy drinks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended serving sizes for Next Level Energy drinks?

Our energy base is a 1 to 7 concentrate, formulated to be 1 oz of our energy base with 7 ounces of water or sparkling water.

What makes Next Level Energy different from other energy drinks?

Next Level Energy differentiates itself from other energy drinks by its unique formulation. It focuses on providing a natural source of caffeine derived from green coffee beans. This offers a distinct approach compared to traditional synthetic caffeine used in many other energy drinks. Additionally, Next Level Energy includes essential amino acids and B vitamins, aiming for a balanced energy boost. The emphasis is on natural ingredients and a more health-conscious approach to energy supplementation.

Can Next Level Energy be mixed with beverages other than water?

Our energy base can be mixed with flat or sparkling water, fruit and herbal teas, lemonade, and more.

What are the key ingredients in Next Level Energy drinks?

The key ingredients in Next Level Energy include natural caffeine sourced from green coffee beans, essential amino acids, and B vitamins. These ingredients are chosen to provide a balanced and sustained energy boost while promoting overall health and well-being. The natural caffeine source is a distinctive feature, setting it apart from many energy drinks that use synthetic caffeine.
Blue Spirulina is included in the Synergy blend. Blue Spirulina is a natural blue pigment derived from algae, often used for its nutritional properties and as a natural colorant in foods and beverages.

How does the caffeine content in Next Level Energy compare to traditional energy drinks?

One serving of Next Level contains 80mg of caffeine.

Are there any sugar-free options available?

We have a sugar-free version of our energy base available!

How can I purchase Next Level Energy drinks wholesale?

To apply for a wholesale account, visit our Contact Page

Are there any discounts or promotions available for first-time buyers?

Yes! Please fill out our pop-up form with your email address so we can stay in touch, and you will receive a 10% off discount code!